Жаҳонгир Муҳаммад

“Замондош” радиоси саволларига жавоблар
-Рус, Хитой ва АҚШ учбурчагида Каримов нима қилмоқда?
-Мирзиёевнинг президент бўлиши аниқлашдими?
-Ёлғонлар туфайли Би-би-си ва “Озодлик”нинг  бурди қолдими?

Суҳбат 2011 йилнинг 11 декабр куни эфирга узатилган.

Human Rights Watch

Uzbekistan: Detainees Tortured, Lawyers Silenced

Uzbekistan has not kept its promises to stop torture in its criminal justice system, including electric shocks and asphyxiation, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Safeguards to halt the practice that were announced with fanfare have not been put into effect. Western governments seeking closer ties with the authoritarian Central Asian government for strategic reasons have all but ignored the abuses.

The 104-page report “‘No One Left to Witness’: Torture, the Failure of Habeas Corpus, and the Silencing of Lawyers in Uzbekistan [3],” provides rare first-hand evidence of wide-scale human rights abuses in the isolated country, from which United Nations human rights experts have been banned for almost a decade. In Uzbekistan, human rights activists are languishing in prison and independent civil society is ruthlessly suppressed. Continue reading