Destroyed Farm

As we know that agriculture is a main sector of the economy in our country, even government sources claim that there are 99 percent of the agricultural enterprises have been privatized under the plan of agricultural “reform” so far, however still farmers have been forced to work under government’s regulatory policy. Although, they fulfill those regulations, some of them are encountering harsh situations, such as accepting their commodities with low sorts, or not getting paid, deliberately created difficulties in their bank accounts even refusing their goals etc.

Buyuk Abdulqodir Giloniy (Great Abdulqodir Giloniy. GAG) Farm in Uzbekistan is one of those that has come across such conditions since it was established by well-known Uzbek poet and dissident Jusuf Juma (Jumaev).

In 1998 Jusuf Juma and his family opened 2 hectare unconditioned land far away from the water in Karakul district in Uzbekistan in order to grow crops, especially melons and watermelons. By 1999 he used that new field for growing cotton, and its average yield was 60 centner in first year, however average cotton field productivity in Uzbekistan is 35 centner. Up until 2005 GAG Farm used crop rotation method every year and gained good enough experience in Agricultural sector.

By the year 2005 GAG Farm increased its crop field to 60 hectare, by wining tender offered by government. And Farm opened 5 km (3 miles) canal to bring water into that field itself, bought tons of natural fertilizer but didn’t borrow even single penny from government. Since GAG Farm, in that 60 hectare, produced only 6 tons of cotton which means 10 centner productivity, newly improving farm used only 30 hectares of that land first year and produced 120 tons of cotton which means 4 times more average centner than ex-farmer in that field.

Farm created new work places to unemployed villagers, more than thirty people hired on permanent and temporary basis at the farm and got paid at least $80.00 says farm’s accountant Mr. Alisher Jumaev. He says in addition they knew government wouldn’t pay on per month time that is why they used another half of that land to grow grain, melon and watermelon, but they always boosted their plan which was given by government, even before it’s due.

GAG Farm invented new agro technology that perfectly suites in dry climate of Bukhara province in Uzbekistan and they tested it in their fields. In GAG Farm Technology (GAGFT) farmers can water their crops only two or three times, and they use 2 times less fertilizers which is most efficient economical and sustainable technology. By using GAGFT, farm increased its productivity up to 47-50 centner within three years. The governor of Bukhara region Samoiddin Husenov ordered to use GAGFT in every farm in Bukhara, neither paying for new invention to GAG Farm, nor mentioning its inventor.

While GAG Farm’s accountant Mr. Alisher Jumaev speaks their farm’s difficulties, you can feel sorrow, pain and grief from his voice. He says every year their farm has achieved its plan in August before Uzbekistan officially declares its cotton harvesting campaign, such as, in 2005 farm completed its plan in 28th August, in 2006, however in reality farm achieved its goal early August, their cotton was rejected by Karakul Cotton Plant which is controlled by government. After lots of disputes between farm and government, that cotton which was harvested in August has been received late of November with lower sorts. He mentions with tears on his eyes, because of government’s suppression, farm lost its more than 100million som (UZS) every single yaer, and its key employee, Mashrab Jumaev , was persecuted, tortured and mercilessly imprisoned for four years without justice, now under home arrest because of him being poet’s son and GAG Farm’s founder Jusuf Juma also was imprisoned for five years, due to demanding his rights, perhaps forever, no one released from Karimov’s harsh jails he adds.

According to his uncle Mr. Murod Jumaev , he wanted to run GAG Farm but district court already made decision from one side, even not calling its any employees, all fields and agro techniques of GAG Farm was sold to one of the governor’s advisor and Jumaev To’raqul (Jumaev Qalandar is his fake name by given National Security Service), now school children are on the field everyday.

If you bear in mind Karimov’s speech last month in Astana, Kazakhstan, he told again and again “Opportunity for the businesses in Uzbekistan is better than Kazakhstan.” Indeed he is right, Jusuf Juma is not “businessman” especially Mr. Karimov’s type, but Ms. Gunora Karimova.

Azim Turon

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