Remaining Attached on the Saddle (Power)

The person who listens to speech of Mr. Karimov, while he was hosted by his counterpart in Astana Kazakhstan, I have no doubt, comes to conclusion that Mr. Karimov dismounts from the horse, but doesn’t dismount from the saddle, he might was born on the saddle.

Mr. Karimov’s point of view about the Central Asian Union which was proposed last year by the president of Kazakhstan Mr. Nazarbayev and Karimov’s comparison of business environment’s of these two countries simply prove my quote which I mentioned above.

After dissolution of the Soviet Union, Mr. Karimov pushed the “idea” in order to create unique economical as well as political region in Central Asia, but his ambitious wishes haven’t lasted for long.

However, Uzbekistan especially Mr. Karimov was the first among other members of CIS to cut off and shut down borders and regulate visa control with other closest neighbors.

Apart from this, there were other considerable impacts; they were consequence of the political leadership ambitions of those and sluggish economy in the region didn’t let them to create such a Union in Central Asia.

Therefore, Karimov’s proposals and other suggestions on this issue did not produce any practical results; they remained as unachieved dreams which are very common to his other promises.

Precisely, the proposal made by Mr. Nazarbayev has been troubling Mr. Karimov and his puppet media.

Kazakhstan is the country, doubled it’s GDP in the year of 2007 by comparison with the year 2000, which made people to believe that politically and economically stable in the region and also has large guaranteed energy potential, and bigger economy than summed economy of other four countries of Central Asia, is already the real engine of the Central Asia.

As a result, Kazakhstan having prosperous lifestyle and strong economy is ready to think about the future of the region not only itself. It’s very disturbing reality for Karimov, who tends to ignore it at all.

If we consider that Kazakhstan has borders with two countries such as Turkmenistan and Kirghizstan, and their leaders’ willingness to accept the Central Asian Union as well as Tajikistan’s president, and last treaty between Nazarbayev and Bakiev, we can see, how possible it is to establish such a union in the region even without Uzbekistan, especially without Karimov.

Most interesting and sarcastic part of his speech was “the opportunity for businesses in Uzbekistan is better than Kazakhstan.”

Here is the simple statistics: In accordance with The World Bank’s 2007 report based on information in 2006, Uzbekistan is the 169th among the 209 countries, here is good news; it is better than only Kirghizstan and Tajikistan from CIS countries, yet Kazakhstan is placed on 99th, and is given second place among CIS.

Take a look to compare Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, how much opportunity is given to internal and foreign investors in these two countries.

Perhaps, Mr. Karimov believes that Uzbeks who work for daily food, even some people who are ready to work for free, kids and students who has been forced to work in cotton fields are much opportunity in Uzbekistan, or perhaps, he is proud of 100s of thousands of our people who are being slaves in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Thus, since we have such a “president”, who remains on the saddle, and his alliance Moscow and Beijing, it is odd to us being together with our neighbors who has been with us for centuries, who has been sharing same culture and tradition with us. Maybe this saddle is warm; he might like it, who knows…

Bobur Isoyev.

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