I am begging for your assistance

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing out of grave concern for the life of my husband Sanjar Umarov.  Last time he was seen almost 7 months ago by my son Arslan.  During the meeting with my son, Sanjar specifically requested to be seen by our attorney Olga Zimareva.  
Numerous attempts by Ms. Zimareva and other attorneys, been denied by state prison, officially motivating by the head of the prison Óß 64/47 that it is the prisoner who needs to request a meeting with attorney.  
Up to date family members been continually trying to see my husband with no success.  All attempts to see him been officially denied with the reason “Prisoner been placed in the solitary for 15 days”, each and every time when 15 day period was coming to an end, we kept hearing that he was placed in the solitaire confinement again for 15 days.  On the question of his health, there is a standard reply “SATISFACTORY”, which can be a very broad description.
In October of 2006, during one of the tries by the family to see Sanjar Umarov, we were officially notified, that due to horrible behavior Sanjar Umarov was placed to the solitaire confinement for 3 months period beginning October 22, 2006.  
In the mean time there has been several letters addressed to the Prosecutors office and General Prosecutor, questioning actions of the Prison Head of Óß 64/47 Mr. Abdullaev, and request of Sanjar’s written denial to see attorney Ms. Zimareva, Mr. Berdiev and Mr. Lisunov (no response yet).
During one of the visits on January 16, 2007 prison guards officially informed that 3 months period beginning October 22, 2006 has not been met.  
Today January 23, 2007 the three month period has officially been over.  Again today we were refused the visit with Sanjar Umarov, with official reason that he is in the solitaire beginning January 18 for a period of 15 days.  
Sanjar Umarov is the father of 5 children, the youngest daughters being 8 and 4 years, and I can not find the rights words to describe this treatment he is getting.  Please help us to get to him and make sure that he is alive and physically fit.  I can not understand a single why he is being kept away from us other then his life is in the great danger, and I am begging for your assistance. 
Please help us by sending this letter around and copying on below emails: 
President of Uzbekistan  presidents_office@press-service.uz
Republic of Uzbekistan for Human Rights (OMBUDSMAN) ombudsman@parliament.gove.uz
Uzbekistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs at rnews@mfa.uz
Uzbekistan Red Cross tachkent.tac@icrc.org
OSCE in Uzbekistan miroslav.jenca@osce.org
External Relations EU-Uzbekistan thomas.frellesen@ec.europa.eu
German EU Presidency  info@eu2007.de
German Embassy in Uzbekistan gerembuz@online.ru

Thank you, 
Indira Umarov
Tel. + 1.901.336.3327

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