There is no human rights in Uzbekistan

Recently, there was an awful incident in Uzbekistan. I have mentioned on “TUROZAMIN” news just by accident.

The reason we did NOT hear about it, as usual this meeting was held by <> only. They talk, applaud and congratulate each other.

For your attention the National Center of Human Rights of Uzbekistan, with the compliance of State Administration held meeting which they proudly call “ Conference ”

How great isn’t it ?

Obviously, when I article I have read it with great interest. From my point of view, it seemed to me that our Human Rights were discussed. Unfortunately , as soon as I started reading I’ve mentioned that it was simple routine discussion about success and future achievements in Human Rights. Mainly it was cheers about president’s personal activities and efforts for Women’s and Children’s rights in Uzbekistan.

At this meeting, I imagine all conference participants stand up and proudly applaud facing to President’s portrait which was definitely hanging somewhere in the room.

In this conference the chairman of National center Akmal Saidov declared that the matter of Human Rights in Uzbekistan is predominant obstruction, so he is very concerned and focused on Human Rights, therefore while he and his colleagues participate in several agreements , that everything have been done in favor rights of Women, children and seniors. On Akmal Saidov`s opinion the government have completely fulfilled it’s obligations, so far, when it comes to Human Rights. I guess he was out of his mind, to make such a contradictory and conflicting statement….

So let us not criticize Akmal Saidov and just continue true facts. He is allover and done with Women’s Rights, but where we can see it Mr. Saidov ?

Right at this time and moment, in any city or region of Uzbekistan you can be witness very high rate of unemployment, which causes women and teenagers to be hired as day- laborers, but authorities either accuse them with prostitutions either make them work oversees like UAE, Turkey and ect… , and we all know about that , don’t we ???

Pregnant women are facing huge humiliation in the hospitals. They have to bribe the doctors for delivery of baby, which is unaffordable and inadequate. It is normal for them if a woman gives a birth on the streets or at the halls of hospitals. Seems to be Saidov is not aware of all this.

Every year women of Andijan participate in small demonstrations claiming for water, gas, electricity and other social needs from local government. In my opinion they just demand their own citizen rights, is that correct Mr. Saidov?

In any conditions, no matter what , these women get arrested and threatened that they will spend rest of their lives in jail with their family members. Relaying on these facts Mr. Saidov’s contradicting statements about Human Rights turned out as a lie.

While you were talking about Children’s Rights in Uzbekistan you have mentioned about children of elite’s of Uzbekistan like daughters of president, children of his ministers and advisors and of course about your children, otherwise you could not be so confident and brave. Without going any further in big cities the government left children behind with no attention and awareness. There is no age regulation for children and huge shortage of food in kinder gardens. Sometimes children have been bitten not for paying transportation, because their parents can not even effort the fee.

The vaccine, which was used and still using for children of Uzbekistan which even, was not approved by Health Department. Because of this most of children were spoilt and had huge risk to die.

Most school kids even college students are forced to go help farmers at the cotton fields.

Therefore, in my opinion, there is no human and children’s rights in Uzbekistan. Even the Human Rights organizations and their chairmen do not care for compliances and obligations of Human Rights or everything was fabricated only for media news and president’s support and his peace, isn’t that right?

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